Larger Radiator Upgrade In Lowestoft

A Larger Radiator can often be the easy solution to improve overall heat output within a particular colder room.

Single panel radiators have always and are still often used in smaller rooms, guest rooms or for budget builds. You may want more heat and if so we can take care of this requirement by upgrading your radiators to a larger twin convection panel, a much larger size/heat output.

Upgrade your homes radiators, we cover all of Lowestoft and can offer a no quibble quotation. Call us for a heat upgrade.

Possible Additional/Disclaimer;

Please note: After calculations of total BTU, it may be deemed that the system can not cope with additional or larger radiators without other upgrades, in some cases the boiler or pumps may need upgrading as well.

This is partly expected but in many cases the radiators can be upgraded with no detriment as upgrading or renewing radiators will also benefit the system by improving flow and concentration of cleaner systems and reduce overall demand on the rooms in question due to the higher heat output achieving the requirement of adequately warming the room.

BTU explained, radiators explained.

The British thermal unit (Btu or BTU) is a non-SI, traditional unit of heat; it is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Long and short, calculating Btu is a fundamental calculation carried out during our quote in ensuring the correct size radiator is selected based on the size of the room and radiator itself, giving us the heat emitted (Btu needed), selecting the right size can also help save money in the long run too by not wasting btu and can also prevent you from being to warm.

This can also be the cause of cold rooms as calculations can be affected by external factors such as building insulation which can be hard to measure, thus we can upgrade a radiator/Btu based on a Btu calculation and add a tolerance based on our in depth knowledge.

By adding up the total Btu all rooms require, we can calculate the boiler size required.

We can provide radiators in standard or fancy new styles, but getting the basics right when it comes to size and output is key to ensuring your money and budget is best utilised on heating your home.

Again, Upgrade your homes radiators, we cover all of Lowestoft and can offer a no quibble quotation. Call us today for a heat upgrade.

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