Loft Insulation, General Works On Suite Bathroom

We often carry general multi trade type works like Loft Insulation in our preparation for key plumbing installations, (it’s all in the preparation right?)

This Super quilt was recently installed in a loft conversion, prior to the on-suite and bedrooms going in.

It has a multi layer that makes up the super quilt, like a tog 15 quilt but equivalent to a whopping 110mm of the dreaded fibrous mineral wool insulation (we really dislike that old rock wool insulation, horrid fibres in the air) The super quilt can be installed alike in your loft/extensions/on suites, even the garage or shed. It’s a really great insulation, really easy to work with and one we like to recommend and install, UK manufactured as well.

It can be doubled up or even triple layered into the same depth of space as traditional wool offering incredible heat retaining properties never seen before. Not to mention it’s vapour barrier layer is far superior to wool.

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