Replacement Radiator Thermostatic Valves Installed In Lowestoft

Thermostatic valves are the key controller of a rooms radiator heat output.

If the head is lost or damaged it should be replaced as the smaller ‘lockshield valve’ should not be adjusted as that can upset the balance of the central heating system.

By simply replacing the radiators thermostatic valve you can regain the control. It can be a simple job if you can find a replacement head only, or with the right tools and slightly more involved, the valve itself is changed as often the valve itself differs from brand to brand and an older one may not be easily obtainable to just change the head.

Call us today for a complete replacement Radiator Thermostaic Valve, we can install a new one for a competitive price. Our friendly service, free no obligation quote will be a delight and so will the control you’ll have back of the radiator.

We would also recommend changing the smaller lockshield valve at the same time and also flushing the radiator or system, but while recommended it is not always needed.

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